At Boaz partners, we’re continually evaluating recruiting and hiring trends happening in the specialty chemicals and animal health industries. Recently we’re seeing hiring managers making some key mistakes. Here are some of those hiring mistakes, and ways to resolve them.

1. They Lack a Sense of Urgency

If the hiring manager lacks a sense of urgency around the whole process, then you’re likely to lose out on top talent. Recruiters are often having to push hiring managers to interview candidates in a timely manner. The market is highly competitive right now, so it means companies have to be even more “on their game,” whether they’re working with a recruiter, or going at the hiring process alone. When it comes to interviewing candidates, the process should be well laid out and expedited so that candidates don’t lose enthusiasm, or worse, get hired by another company. Hiring managers should approach the process with enthusiasm; you’re ultimately selling the role and your company. An eager hiring manager will help draw in candidates.

2. Not Communicating

Lack of feedback after an interview can be a deal killer. A recruiter can have a difficult time “course correcting” when they don’t know what the hiring manager did or didn’t like in a candidate. This poses an issue for recruiters as it slows down the process. It can then become difficult to shortlist candidates when it’s unclear how the interview went from the client’s perspective. Communicating timely feedback to the candidate or the recruiter is a key step in closing the deal. In this market, great talent doesn’t wait around in limbo for long.

3. A Lack of Clarity

The last of the hiring mistakes we’re seeing is that managers are unclear about what they want. This poses a big challenge to hiring top talent. If they don’t have clarity on exactly what they are looking for, it can be very difficult for the recruiter to hit a bullseye on a moving target. Oftentimes there are multiple decision makers who aren’t on the same page about what they want or need in a candidate. Candidates may display desired traits, but managers aren’t sure that those features are the ones they should be looking for. This process becomes even more haphazard when there are a number of stakeholders and each of them looks for a different aspect of a candidate. Ideally, the role should be well defined, and the candidate profile should be detailed so that all stakeholders are on the same page prior to the beginning of the search.


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