Hiring the best talent is what will allow your company to grow and become even more successful. You’ve probably put a lot of thought into your hiring process, but there is always room for improvement. These four changes will make a big difference in your hiring process.

1. Craft Better Job Descriptions

Most job descriptions sound generic and don’t actually show what the candidate will be expected to do. You have to choose your words carefully. You want to fill your job descriptions with strong, precise verbs rather than weak nouns and vague language. Instead of words like “lead,” “try,” or “help,” pick words that are more action-based, like “make” or “close.” In addition, you want the job descriptions to show candidates how the job will benefit them. Too often job descriptions focus on what the candidate will be doing for the company. However, how the job will benefit a candidate’s career goals is equally important.

2. Have a Routine in Place that Allows You to Always Be Prepared for Interviews

As employers, you expect candidates to show up to interviews completely prepared. It’s a double standard if the interviewer isn’t equally prepared. If a candidate arrives, and you’re scrambling to find their application, you’re sending the wrong message. It shows them that the company is disorganized. More importantly, you’ll start the interview on the wrong foot and likely ensure that the candidate loses interest in the opportunity. Having a set interview process helps ensure you make a good first impression and ask all the right questions you need to ask to assess the candidates.

3. Focus in on the Candidate’s Personality

Many employers concentrate too heavily on the candidate’s skills and experience. Yes, these things are important, but they only tell you so much. You need to assess the interviewee’s personality, character traits, and social awareness. Skills can be taught, but personalities are hard to change. The best employees are empathetic, creative, and loyal. None of these characteristics are easily taught. Think about the traits that are necessary to succeed in the position and in the team. You want to match the personality to the job.

4. Be Responsive

If you’re interviewing a dozen different candidates in one week, practicing effective communication can become a real challenge. But you need to make it a priority. If you tell a candidate you will message them within two days, you need to message them within two days. If you take a week to respond, they will move on. Moreover, if you consistently fail to be responsive, you’ll hurt the reputation of the company. Soon, you’ll find that fewer and fewer people are sending in applications. If your hiring process is taking longer than you anticipated, let the candidates know. You don’t want them sitting at home waiting for a phone call, or even worse, accepting another offer.

There are several ways you can tell if your hiring process needs improvement. If you don’t receive diverse and sufficient applications, if you fail to attract quality candidates, if candidates don’t accept job offers—you know you have a problem. These small changes can make a big difference in your hiring process and help you win over talent.


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