Most HR departments only spend around 30 seconds reviewing each résumé that they receive. If you want to make the best possible impression, then you’ll need to focus on thoughtful résumé construction. A potent résumé will pull a reader’s attention directly to any skills and relevant experience that match the position. But it’s still challenging for job seekers because the rules always seem to be changing. Recruiters suggest combining some of the traditional rules with these contemporary ones to create the most effective résumé possible. Here are 7 resume tips you can use to improve your chances of getting a call.

  1. Optimization
    Résumé optimization is a relatively new concept that applicants should be aware of. Many organizations are utilizing applicant tracking systems in an effort to avoid unqualified applicants. Only those résumés with simple formatting and just the right keywords land in the hiring manager’s hands.
  2. Point of View
    A common mistake made by some candidates is when they write their cover letters and résumés in the wrong point of view. For instance, third-person voice can make you sound pretentious or removed to hiring managers. Instead, opt for first person minus the pronouns, and begin each of your statements with action, skill, or accomplishment words.
  3. Honesty
    Although it can be very tempting to embellish your education, skills, experience, etc., most employers conduct very thorough background checks. The ideal résumé will have a concise collection of verifiable facts. Don’t lie about gaps in employment history. Instead, highlight some of the skills that you learned during that time. Likewise, candidates are advised against including lackluster achievements that can be verified, like subpar GPAs.
  4. Objective Statements
    Unless you’re in the midst of a significant career change, in lieu of including an objective statement, consider repacking it with an executive summary. An effective summary statement is a broad outline of your skills and experience that proves you are a strong fit.
  5. Digital Résumés
    A great way to stand out from the crowd is by creating a digital presentation that showcases your skills and experience. From ResumUP and to Kukook and Creddle, there are a variety of digital tools available that candidates can use to help them create an aesthetically pleasing résumé. If you’re working with a recruiter, they will be able to help you polish your resume.
  6. Sending the Right Message
    Even if you have all of the right qualifications for the job, the only way that you’re going to get an interview is by presenting a consistent, clear message on your résumé regarding your strengths and skills.
  7. File Extensions
    If you’re going to send an electronic version of your résumé, then you should always know what a hiring manager’s preferred file extension is before sending it to avoid formatting issues. Since some word processing programs aren’t compatible with different operating systems, applicants are encouraged to save a final version as a PDF.

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