A reflection and countdown to the top 5 blogs we have to offer! These are consistently our most viewed blogs each week. Have a topic that you’re interested in hearing about? Let us know here!

  1. Why We Don’t Send Job Descriptions:


It may seem a little unconventional for us to not send job descriptions here at Boaz Partners, but there’s a good reason! This blog covers just a few of the many benefits we see in having a real discussion instead of just sending you a document.

  1. Trends in the Animal Health Industry:


The animal health market could surpass $36 billion by 2024. Our own animal health team reaches individuals in the industry every day and with those connections comes some knowledge on what is to come for animal health. Check out this blog for a few things to keep your eye out for in the future!

  1. The Resignation: How to Resign with Class and Integrity https://boazpartners.com/the-resignation-how-to-resign-with-class-and-integrity/

There are a variety of reason for deciding to leave a job, but it is still important to leave your employer on good terms. This blog gives several tips for how to resign with class and separate yourself from others going through the same thing.

  1. The Impact of External Recruitment Processes on Company Success: https://boazpartners.com/the-impact-of-external-recruitment-processes-on-company-success/

Can an external recruiter change the hiring practices of an organization for the better? Yes! Great recruiters can help a hiring manager by identifying and recognizing the right talent for a job. This may even be an individual with a non-traditional background from the “exact” criteria. This external resource can be a game changer for a business.

1.Why You Shouldn’t Decline an InMail Message:


We are looking to make long lasting connections with you, these are not a “one time thing” type of message. We want to help you through every step of your career and understand that may not happen right now! By closing that door, you may miss out on a partner in your industry.


-Written by Abigail Cherry: Researcher for Life Science Recruiters and Animal Health Recruiters