It is likely that you have heard time and time again that today’s talent market is extremely tight. Here are some of the challenges our chemical recruiters have identified in finding talent today:

  • Limited candidate pool.
  • Getting people to return a call in a timely manner, especially if they may be interested in hearing more about the opportunity
  • Job assortment management – deciding which job to work and allocating resources to relocation and people’s perception of what they need around them – with the recent pandemic it seems like people value more family around them
  • Finding Qualified Candidates; getting early career candidates to pick up the telephone

Candidates have more options to choose from which is allowing them to be pickier in their choices. Companies are seeking out the help of recruiters for these various reasons. It is taking more candidates in the process than previously to fill vacant positions. The key is finding qualified candidates who are interested in making a change. Companies are working their best to retain their talent. The pressure is on both sides with companies trying to keep their employees and companies trying to gain or replace missing talent on their teams. The market has become very competitive, to say the least. Often, candidates who are considered to be good or qualified are receiving multiple offers and are going through more than one interviewing process. Hiring managers are having to put their best foot forward to stand out to candidates enough to pique their interest in pursuing their opportunities.

Tips for managing these challenges

  • Tell a compelling story- have “sizzle” about the company and the role prepared. Why would someone want to accept this opportunity? What is there to brag on about the company and the team?
  • Think about the company’s brand and image– what sort of exposure or reputation does the company have? Will candidates know who the company is and what it does?
  • Make sure that the offered compensation and benefits are competitive for the role- for help, work with a recruiter specializing in the chemical industry to get an idea of what other companies might be paying for similar roles.
  • Have a clear definition of what will be expected from this role and defined responsibilities.
  • Move the interview process at an appropriate speed. Don’t lose out on a good candidate because another company was able to get an offer in front of them first.

The talent market is competitive and gaining qualified talent can be tough these days. Having a hiring plan that is proactive with these tips will help secure the talent your team needs.

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