The hours you spend at work can be more enjoyable and productive when positive relationships are formed with coworkers. According to Gallup polling, the person with a good friend at work is more satisfied and more productive. Humans are social creatures by nature and we crave friendship and positive interaction with others. Given this, it makes sense that good relationships at work leads to much happier workers.

Reducing Stress

Good relationships at work help you better navigate through the corporate setting. When you’re able to form good relationships at work it reduces the stress of entwining yourself in workplace politics. This gives you more freedom to better concentrate on work because you’re not constantly expending energy on every petty little battle.

Upward Mobility

Forming friendships at work also shows upper management that you are a person that can get along with people. This is going to pay off when promotion possibilities come available because the company is more likely to select the person who is not constantly at war with someone. Good workplace relationships can also further a career by expanding your professional circle. It’s important for success that you form great relations with stakeholders, customers and even suppliers.

There are several simple steps that help form good relationships.

    • Develop good people skills. To get anywhere with forming positive relations at work you need to have good people skills.
    • Avoid constantly pointing out the negatives or concentrating on the flaws of others and concentrate on the positives.
    • Take time out to form relationships. It’s the little interactions that count. You can drop by a person’s office during lunch to ask how their day is going or even have a brief conversation as you both walk to the car after work.
    • Appreciate others. It takes little effort to make a positive comment or to sincerely say “thank you” for some small favor.
    • Avoid gossip. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of workplace gossip because it can quickly entangle you in workplace politics which only lowers morale.

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