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There is nothing new under the sun: So what can you ask yourself in a Covid world?

What is the most important question you can ask yourself?   From the way people first reacted to the shock of the epidemic it must have been, “Do I have enough toilet paper?” In other circles it was, “Do I have enough bullets?” As parts of the country start to [...]


Remote Work Might Be Here to Stay

While jobs in specialty chemicals and manufacturing won’t stay completely remote after the coronavirus subsides, the pandemic could transform the future of the industry as companies, manufacturers, and other institutions experience the benefits of remote work firsthand. Below are some ways in which remote work might be here to stay. [...]


Guide to Hiring Interns During Quarantine

As summer approaches, companies in animal health are preparing for internship season. COVID-19 will naturally affect how organizations hire and employ interns since many states in the U.S. still have heavy restrictions in place to combat the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, students are struggling right now. Not only have [...]