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Keep Meetings Focused and Productive in 2020

After the holiday season, it can be hard to bring the team’s focus back onto work when they’ve spent the past few weeks with family and friends and enjoying holiday gatherings. Part of getting back to being productive requires team meetings. Here are some tips to keep meetings focused and [...]


The Important Missing Link in Business Leadership: Leading with Kindness

In specialty chemicals, as in many industries, there is an important missing link in business leadership. There is much focus on vision, charisma, and confidence. Yet, one key that is often missing is kindness. When you lead with kindness you create a workplace community that fosters trust, positivity, and respect. [...]


3 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills for Career Advancement

One thing executives in the specialty chemicals and plastics industry have in common is exceptional communication skills. In our experience, great speakers also make powerful leaders. It’s usually what separates successful leaders from average managers. If you feel stuck in your current career, now may be a good time to [...]