In any call with a client or a candidate, we always ask what the top three to five must-haves are to make the hire or accept the offer. Another way to look at it; if you had a genie in a bottle that could grant you any three wishes in a job or a candidate, what would those be? These are the items that you must see, no ifs and or buts. As chemical recruiters, we understand how important it is to identify these when working in a niche market. These must-haves need to be met on each candidate and company side to make sure that it is a match that will stick.

Hiring Managers

When thinking about hiring for an open role, make a list of three to five items that you must see in a candidate to make a hire. These are often qualifications that you may see in a candidate’s resume or that they can speak to in their experience. If you are hiring in the chemical industry, maybe they need specific experience within a specific market. If they are going to have direct reports, then maybe previous leadership experience is a must. Education is often a must- this could be as simple as having at least a bachelor’s degree or maybe more specific that they must have a Chemistry or Chemical Engineering degree. Think about the skills that would be required in order for this person to succeed in this role. Once the must-haves are decided on, think about what would be nice to have. Maybe an engineering degree is a must but specifically, a Chemical Engineering degree would be nice to have. Or certifications like a Six Sigma Green Belt are preferred but not a knock-out factor if a candidate does not have it. These are items that would be exciting to see in a candidate’s background but would not necessarily hold them back from successfully doing the job.


Must-haves for candidates can often relate to their career goals, but it is important to also think about what type of opportunity would allow you to enjoy going into work each day. Compensation often is a must-have with a requirement of meeting a number in order to accept the offer. Other options depend on what is most important to the candidate. Some candidates are open to relocation while others make it a set in stone must-have for the opportunity to be local. Having a defined career path might be another option to think about. Some candidates may put more value on work-life balance, remote or hybrid schedules, or vacation time. These are often things that can be negotiated in the offer stage. Ultimately, it is up to the candidate to decide which areas are most important to them when accepting a job offer and what things they may be willing to be more lenient on.

For both candidates and hiring managers, it helps to have the list of must-haves and nice to haves defined before starting the interview process. These may change and shift as interviews begin which is completely normal as discovery happens through conversations in interviews. These can be checklists to go back to when comparing candidates or job offers to help make decisions. Working with a specialty chemicals recruiter can also help clarify, define and screen for these must and nice to have to ensure the best outcome.

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