Winning the best talent when there is a shortage takes just the right strategies that go far beyond a well-written job description. If you’re advertising job openings for months and waiting for the perfect candidates to come to you, then you’re already losing. Here are some ways you can overcome the talent shortage.

Being Proactive

Organizations that have the most proactive recruiting strategies are winning the best talent on the market. Instead of reacting to your current human resources issues, focus on staying ahead of the curve by over-recruiting to maintain productivity. If you’re struggling to fill current positions, then start by collecting data and feedback to learn exactly what job seekers are looking for. The goals and values of each generation typically vary to some extent, so it’s important to learn all of these motivators. We’ve also learned that conducting exit surveys to be an effective way to discover trends corresponding to high turnover.

Strong Values and Workplace Culture

Offering competitive pay might not be enough to recruit the best talent anymore. A majority of full-time workers want to join a company that shares their respective values, and has a mission that they believe in. It’s essential to establish a clear set of company values and maintain morally just business practices to make your organization as attractive as possible for current and rising talent. The key to retention is providing an environment where employees feel they are accepted for who they are.

Providing Favorable Experiences

Negative reviews are the nemesis of any business. The first thing that most candidates do when considering new job opportunities is conduct an online search. You don’t want unfavorable feedback from previous or current employees to be the reason why the most talented people reject your offers. Start by creating a favorable first impression of your company during the hiring process. Remember that many applicants are feeling anxious about the process, so it’s important to keep them informed about where they stand. Make offers sooner than later because the best candidates are typically only on the market for less than two weeks. Then, focus on supporting your employees through strong workplace benefits. From PTO to a better work-life balance, there are many different ways to show that your company cares about the wellbeing of its employees.


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