The offer letter has come and you signed. It’s official, congrats on finding a job that you think you are going to love! The next steps are to resign from your current role so you can get into the new one. However, you don’t want to burn your past bridges. These people could be future references or a strong network for you moving forward, especially if you work in a niche industry. You never know when you may run into, work with or need these people so you don’t want to leave your role on bad terms. Leave with grace before heading to your new opportunity.

Give Notice

The first step will be to give notice of your resignation. The standard is at least two weeks however, most companies would appreciate four weeks. Giving shorter notice than what is customary can leave a bad impression as you head out the door. This notice will allow your employer to set up a plan for not only backfilling your role but delegating responsibilities until the seat is filled again. Be honest and transparent. As chemical recruiters, we help candidates through the resignation process. It is likely that you can expect a counteroffer. It is recommended to politely decline (read more here).

Watch Your Words

What you say can make or break your relationship with your employer. Tell your boss about your resignation before discussing it with anyone else. Avoid gossiping or speaking poorly about the company, your boss, or your team at all costs. The story that you give your boss for why you are leaving should be the same given to your coworkers. Words can be powerful in a positive way too. Show gratitude for your time at the company. Appreciate the experiences and the people you have had the opportunity to work with. People will remember the gratitude you show as you walk out the door. This will encourage people to stay networked with you in the future.

Leave in a Constructive Way

If you find yourself in an exit interview, give feedback on that is constructive. It is not the time to vent or to have an emotional conversation. Use this time to be constructive and discuss what needs to be done prior to your last day. Help the company prepare for your replacement. Your knowledge of the role’s responsibilities can help them with delegating those until a hire is made. Tie up any loose ends before leaving. While these steps are not required, your boss and colleagues will appreciate your efforts so that they are not scrambling once you are gone.

Finding a new role that you think you are going to love will fill you with excitement. However, before diving into your new job, finish up your time and responsibilities in your current role. The people you work with are valuable members of your network. You never know when you may come across those people again or may need your network. Celebrate the success of finding a new role you are going to love while closing the door on your current role in a positive and professional manner.

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