As the global population continues to grow, the challenge of keeping humans and animals healthy grows with it. Our Life Science recruiting practice spans across human and animal biologics, nutrition, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and biomaterial industries.

In the health care and nutrition market, regardless of species, health and what we consume is an increasingly popular topic of scrutiny. Organizations need to continue to bring in top talent to lead and innovate new therapies for preventative, emergent and on-going care. This is where our Life Science team comes in and where our servant leadership style can be a resource for successful recruitment in the passive and sometimes elusive professional market.

When our clients succeed, the world benefits.

Our Life Science team’s senior experience and deep knowledge of the life sciences sectors, align perfectly with the Boaz Partners philosophy that retained search yields the best results when conducted by principals who have a personal understanding of the environment in which our clients operate.

Production Animal

What our food eats is becoming an increasingly popular topic of scrutiny. Fueled by electronic media and more data than ever on the effects of feed additives to production animals, there is a want in the marketplace for organic, green, and sustainable agriculture practices though the same challenges of keeping large herds healthy remain the same. Animal nutrition industry is poised to continue growing as new advancements in science are replacing outdated feed practices.

World’s Largest Veterinary Conference Hosted in 2020
Companion Animal

Experienced in companion animal health recruiting including nutritional, diagnostics, biologics and pharmaceuticals.

Millennials' Career Approach
Biologics and Vaccines

Recruiting for autogenous vaccines for production animals and biologics for companion animal and veterinary services.

Will the resume ever die?

Recruit for Diagnostic test kit manufacturing organizations and food safety and security companies.

Practice Leader:
Michele Baxley

Michele has over 25 years’ experience in industry and is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges of life science recruiting. Her insider knowledge of how the industry works has allowed her to place technical, sr. and c-suite level talent in all functionals areas such as engineering, operations, R&D, sales and marketing.


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