As Animal Health recruiters, we often help manage the fear of change. Making a change in your career is something that can be extremely nerve-racking. Change is never easy but it can bring so much growth. Recognize that fear of change is normal. Dive deeper into those fears to understand them to decide if the benefits of the change are worth conquering your fears.

When in doubt, write it out

Writing and making lists can help us visualize and think through tough decisions, which is why it is so often recommended. Pros and cons lists may seem cliché or obvious to make, but they really do help. Consider what good could come from exploring a new opportunity. What the opportunity could do for your career, you as a person, and even the people in your life; how could this potentially positively influence your life. Include things that this opportunity may be able to offer that your current role does not. Write out the cons as well. What is the worst thing that could happen if you accept a new job? If the first thing that comes to mind is failure- dive deeper into that and be specific on what failure might look like. Remember, failure is not the end all be all. It can be a learning lesson and moving on from it with more knowledge. What sacrifices or changes would need to be made? Go through the negatives on your list and see if there is anything that can be done to help these work better for you. Use writing as a root cause analysis to get a better understanding of where the fear is coming from and if the opportunity is worth the risk.

Talk it out

Talking about the fear could help dive deeper into it. Find a friend, mentor, or even a recruiter who you can have a career discussion with. Go over your pros and cons list and get their take on it. Seek advice and explore more ideas on what accepting a new opportunity could look like. Use this person as an accountability buddy who you can trust to be realistic with you and have an honest conversation to help you keep your fears in check. Fear of change is real and understandable, so it can be helpful to speak with someone who can validate those fears and help discuss what ones can be worked through.

Making a change is not an easy feat. Being nervous is understandable. It is a shake-up in routine with the uncertainty of how exactly the future in that role will play out. However, change can bring growth and more opportunities than you may have originally expected. Consider the positives and the negatives that may be caused by the change. If the timing is not right, then listen to your gut. There will always be more opportunities to come. But allow yourself to conquer that fear if the potential benefits are worth it. You never know, a small change could have a large impact on your career.

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