Ask a Recruiter: Biggest Misconceptions About Recruiters

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Ask a Recruiter: Biggest Misconceptions About Recruiters

Recruiters do not always have the best reputation due to a lot of misconceptions. If you Google the phrase “recruiters
are” and look at the generated searches will automate words such as shady or pushy. Unfortunately, recruiters can have a negative reputation. Here is what our team has heard:

  • They don’t listen
    to me and are only interested in what helps them.
  • Recruiter calls are considered nuisance calls, rather than a chance to hear about a career opportunity they would not otherwise know or hear about
  • Self-serving and selfish. From my new and limited experience at Boaz, it’s quite the opposite. Love the ‘help others’ culture and the checkups Boaz does to make sure their placements stick around.
  • Recruiters are like used car salespeople-in it for themselves and what they can get TODAY)
  • they are transactional – “don’t want to waste time” with
  • They are only in it for themselves. They don’t have my best interest in mind
  • There is no need to maintain a long-standing relationship with a recruiter. They don’t realize how important it is to be on a recruiter’s radar with their resume on the top of the stack.

As specialty chemical recruiters and animal health recruiters, we know and have heard the misconceptions. Each day, we work to over turn those misconceptions and live up to our values: integrity, speed, and transparency. Recruiting should have the goal of finding matches between candidates and companies in which each party is content and comfortable. Working with a
recruiter should offer a talent and career partner. Not every recruiter is for every job or every candidate. Find the recruiter that best suits the needs of the role or your career goals. Despite the misconceptions, when you receive a call or email from a recruiter, take a moment to check it out. You never know what it could do for your company or your own career.

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