Make Ghosting a Thing of the Past for
Candidates and Companies

No one likes to be ghosted. A term typically used in dating has now become a hot word in the hiring and job searching process. What is it exactly? Essentially, it is disappearing with no reason or context. The engagement between the candidate and the company just stops for reasons left unknown to the other party. For example, this could be when a company never reaches back out to a candidate after an interview and does not explain why they are not moving forward in the process. Or, this could look like a candidate agreeing to an interview and not showing up and no longer responding to the company. However, this
is not a good look for candidates or companies.

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Make Ghosting a Thing of the Past
No one likes to be ghosted- from the candidate or company side. What is ghosting in the hiring and interview process? It is when a candidate or company seemingly “disappears” with no explanation. It is the lack of feedback or reason for why company is not interested in a candidate or why a candidate is no longer pursuing an opportunity. This can look like a candidate going through a few interviews and then never hearing back from the company, or it can be a company reaching out to a candidate after interviewing and never getting a response again. In both situations, neither candidate nor companies like to be ghosted. To stand out in a world of ghosting, make a point to reach out and explain the reasoning for not moving forward and thank the candidate and/or interviewers for their time. Make ghosting a thing of the past.

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