Whether you have applied for the job online or are working with an animal health recruiter through a process, the first step in an interview process is often a phone interview. These are great for introductory conversations. It is usually low barrier and low risk for both candidate and company due to the ease in being able to schedule a time to initially speak before having to set up travel and the preparation that goes into an onsite interview. These calls can be effective for candidates to get a first glance at the organization and role as well as a quick screening opportunity for the hiring managers before bringing candidates onsite. Not being face to face can cause some challenges when trying to make a great first impression due to not being able to see the nonverbal cues. Use these tips for your next phone interview:

Plan the environment around you

A bit of planning and preparing will go a long way when getting ready for a phone interview. When scheduling a time, think about where you will be and what the environment will be like. Find a space that will allow you to have a quiet environment around you. Minimize the noise in the background as much as possible. Allow yourself the time that is truly dedicated to the call. Give your full dedication to the conversation. If you must schedule the call at a time that you are in your car, pull over or find a place to park to safely be able to discuss rather than having to navigate through traffic while speaking. Set up a space that will allow you to minimize potential distractions.

Prepare ahead of time

Before the call is set to happen, prepare your technology and tools ahead of time. If you are using your cell phone, make sure it is charged and the phone signal is good so that call is clear and crisp. Call a friend to test ahead of time if needed. Have your resume printed and in front of you to be ready to discuss any points or reference specific parts of your experiences. Think about questions you may have about the role, the company, and the hiring manager, and write them down.

Make up for nonverbal cues

The difficulty of a phone interview is the lack of nonverbal cues and body language. One of the best ways to make up for this in a phone interview is to smile. There is an audible difference in someone’s voice while smiling. It will help come off as being more enthusiastic about the opportunity. Hold your head up and pay attention to your posture. Be sure not to look down.  Pay attention to the nonverbal cues you may be giving that need to be verbalized instead. For example, if you are nodding or leaning in, the person on the other end of the phone will not know so you verbally agree and show interest.

Making a great first impression is key to making it to the next round of interviews. Phone interviews are a great tool in the interview process to allow for seamless introductions. With the preparation and planning ahead of time, you will put your best foot forward in your next phone interview.

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