Are you looking for chemical recruiters that help bring you the best talent? One of the most important steps in attracting the best people to your company is the interview process. With virtual interviews becoming more common, you’ll need to have the best plan in place to help smoothen the process.

At Boaz Partners, we know how urgent it is to find the right people for your team. Today, we’ll discuss a few ways how your business can best prepare for the all-important video job interview.

Prepare An Outline For The Interview Process

The first step you and your team should take is to put together a formal plan. Below are some questions to ask before conducting any virtual interviews.

  • Will you need slide presentations?
  • Do candidates need to complete pre-interview assessments or submit work samples?
  • What is your backup plan if the internet connection fails?

In moments like these, always include clear and concise details in your outline to ensure the best communication.

Test Your Video Functions

You always want to know how your video software works. Check to see if the candidate requires software or log-in credentials to join the interview. It’s important to provide these details to candidates well in advance. This gives them enough time to test out the software themselves.

It’s also best to perform some test interviews with your team of chemical recruiters. This helps your team understand each of the video and audio functions. It also ensures your team knows what to expect during interviews.

Set Up The Best Interview Space

It’s crucial that you and your team of chemical recruiters set up the best quality interviewing space. Here are some steps to follow to help make this happen.

Have A Well Lit Room

Strive for a more natural light source and position yourself facing it. This helps ensure the best quality and eliminates the worry of having excess brightness or shadows.

LED or fluorescent lights can also help create a clean, polished professional setup. You should avoid using tungsten bulbs; this can create a golden cast of your face. You should instead use natural or white light sources.

Set Your Camera Up Properly

Make sure to have your computer set up to where your camera is close to eye level. You should also make sure your head and shoulders are visible and leave 10-20% of the screen empty above you.

This keeps you from cutting yourself off while ensuring you don’t appear tiny. It also ensures you’re making the best eye contact with candidates.

Use The Best Headphones

Use headphones that have microphones and help prevent echoes. This ensures better audio quality and allows candidates to hear you better. Just make sure that the mic doesn’t rub against your shirt. Taking this precaution will help prevent unwanted background noises during interviews.

Seek Feedback From Candidates

It’s always a great idea to ask candidates to complete a feedback survey after interviews. Be sure to ask questions about how the conversation went, how the software worked, and what can be done better.

Always use this information to help you enhance your video interview experience as you go.

Choose Chemical Recruiters Who Bring You Top Talent

At Boaz Partners, we understand that hiring the best talent is key to ensuring long-term success for your business. As a chemical recruiting business with over 40 years of expertise, we want to turn our knowledge into your best asset. Contact us today, and our specialty chemical recruiters will bring you top talent in no time.