From artificial intelligence and automation to de-biasing software and personality testing, there are a growing number of hiring tools being used to help find the right candidates in animal health. Yet, many hiring managers struggle with choosing the right tools for their particular needs. For instance, personality testing can be very effective in screening candidates for animal health jobs, but there are some drawbacks if it’s used improperly. The key takeaway is that you should learn all of the pros and cons associated with a hiring tool before opting to use them.

Personality Testing Pros

One of the biggest advantages of using this method is that it helps identify strengths and weaknesses and allows the employer to understand where a candidate fits best. It enables employers to test what candidates will be able to do upon being hired, and screen away those people who are able to talk their way into getting the job. Traditional methods, like in-person interviewing and phone screening, are often ineffective in spotting candidates who will not be a good cultural fit.

Then, since it’s an innate human characteristic, we have to find ways to overcome unconscious biases when hiring for animal health jobs. Personality testing is another way to level the playing field between candidates to achieve a more diverse workforce. It’s also becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to create a positive experience for candidates. Some startups are moving away from mundane hiring processes by introducing mobile games that entertain candidates while finding the best ones.

Personality Testing Cons

On the flip side, most people take these tests with preconceived ideas of what the employer is looking for which causes the results to be skewed. Further, some of the most common questions on personality tests could even fall in the zone of forbidden territory by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Even though the data that is derived from using these tools and others can be very powerful, in some cases it can lead to the best candidates for animal health careers being disqualified when the results override the gut feelings that hiring managers and recruiters have about certain applicants.

Personality testing can be a useful tool if it’s used in the right situation. But there are also several other screening options that shouldn’t be ignored either. Hiring managers should consider using a combination of them to achieve the best results.


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