As of 2015, a majority of the modern workforce consists of millennials. Some internet research counts even indicate that 75,000,000 millennials are joining the labor force. Even though they are known for being hard workers, recruiting and training them takes an approach that is a little different from previous generations, like the baby boomers.

For instance, most millennials simply aren’t into working sixty-plus hour work weeks. They desire flexible careers that allow them to spend quality time with their children and families. By extension, location is increasingly important and chemical companies and plants are not always in ideal locations. Here are some tips to help create a work environment for millennials to succeed.

Provide Structure

Millennials thrive in those working environments that keep them on task and clearly define goals, progress, assignments, success, etc. If the millennial staff of an organization is suffering from lack of motivation, it could be the result of a lack of structure and challenge.

Provide Leadership & Guidance

Sometimes it takes more of a time commitment to train and coach millennials. Mentorship is increasingly important to guide this next generation, so it’s crucial to provide them with daily feedback regarding progress. Yet remember that there is a fine line between micromanagement and structure that shouldn’t be crossed. Rather, encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions.

Provide Enjoyable Workplaces

Since millennials want more than just to collect their paychecks, they seek out companies that promote fun working environments. You can plan office games, team building exercises and other company events to keep them engaged.

Companies that cannot articulate career growth will lose out on millennial talent. Those organizations with a strong online presence will win the race for millennial talent, and even Chemical & Industrial companies must work to strengthen their brand with the emergence of LinkedIn and Glassdoor.


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