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Maintaining a Status Quo and trying to find a “New Norm”

When I became aware of COVID, even before really understanding how this was going to affect the business world, I became familiar with a whole new set of phrases.  Such as “Flattening the Curve”, “Social Distancing” and epidemic vs pandemic and many others.  Also, for the first time since college, [...]


How to Look Your Best on Video Calls

Many professionals in specialty chemicals are working from home for the first time in their career because of the current global pandemic. Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype have become integral tools as professionals adapt to working remotely. With so many more video-based meetings and calls, it’s good to [...]


3 Tips to Avoid Virtual Overload When Working Remotely

Virtual overload is a growing concern among many team leaders. Some remote workers spend over 90% of their time either on the phone, checking email or in virtual meetings leaving many of them to feel a sense of disconnection even though they are always connected. Avoiding collaborative overload is important [...]


Taking Breaks from Your Devices is Critical Right Now: Here’s How

It’s hard to deny all of the benefits that modern technology has provided to accounting and finance careers and life in general. All of those digital devices can help you to save time, provide you with convenient access to information and promote efficient communication. But, too much screen time can [...]


Interview to Offer- Completely Virtual

  Boaz Partners just completed our first 100% virtual placement, without the two parties ever meeting in-person. The Animal Health recruiting landscape, as well as hiring in general, has had to adapt to the changing anti-pandemic social distancing guidelines by utilizing video conference technology to continue hiring process from afar.