What is ‘The Great Resignation’ and How it Affects YOU

We are truly in a candidate’s market and this shift has occurred for a variety of reasons, some expected and some *Cough Covid Cough* were not. Many have begun referring to our present situation as “The Great Resignation.” This is the current trend we are facing in 2021 of the [...]


Hiring Trends in Specialty Chemicals

Working as specialty chemical recruiters, we get a direct look into the hiring trends in the market. These trends are constantly changing and Covid-19 only helped create even more change and turmoil for many. While there were companies taking advantage of the pool of candidates available during the pandemic, others [...]


Staying Productive While Working from Home

While remote work was increasing pre covid, the pandemic moved most non-essential workers home for a period. In many cases, productivity did not wane. While it is unclear how many workers will return to the office, it is unquestionable the concept of where people work from has changed forever. Technology [...]

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