What happens before and after your interview can be just as important as what happens during. Although it might be tempting to just go in there and improvise, it’s not an effective game plan, and it will eventually hurt your chances of receiving valuable job offers. If you’re wondering what you can do to improve your odds of getting hired, here’s an ultimate interview prep checklist.

1. Verify the Company’s Address

It’s not uncommon for a company to have several different offices located around a city. Research the company’s website to find important phone numbers, addresses, names, etc., a few days before your scheduled interview. Then, don’t forget about the other variables that can cause potential delays like traffic, road construction, weather and so on.

2. Research the Company

While you’re on the company’s website, it can prove beneficial to review their blogs, press releases, newsletters, etc. Then, branch out to their social media pages and any other networking services. Facebook and LinkedIn can be useful resources to study prior to an interview. Any information that you’ll find in those resources can provide a much-needed lead concerning what might be discussed during your interview and who you are meeting with.

3. Prepare Questions

Successful interviews involve conversations that ebb and flow. Don’t be afraid to show how truly engaged you are during the interview by asking how your success will be measured, and why you should choose their company. Seize this opportunity to determine if the organization is going to be the right fit for you.

4. Discussing Salary

This can be a slippery slope to navigate if you’re not prepared. It’s typically advised to hold off on discussing a prospective salary until later in the interview process to avoid being attached to your past pay rate. Instead, reiterate how you will bring value to their organization.

5. Miscellaneous

Then, there are still those obvious things that may seem insignificant that shouldn’t be overlooked, like turning off your cell phone, using the restroom before your meeting with the hiring manager and even conducting a mirror check. Often, it’s the finer details that can earn you the favor of a hiring manager.

Finally, just be as authentic as you can throughout the interview process. If you’re asked why you’re considering a career move, then provide a concise answer without verbally bashing any of your past employers. Instead, share the skills that you will carry over from them.


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