Hiring managers receive numerous resumes for each opening and pass judgement within 6 to 10 seconds.  So how can you make sure your resume doesn’t end in the stack of “no’s”? Here are 25 things that do NOT belong on your resume.

1. Objective

2. Irrelevant work history

3. Personal informationresume

4. Hobbies

5. Age

6. Too much information/text

7. Time previously taken off

8. Your References

9. Personal Pronouns

10. Writing about past jobs in present tense

11. Unprofessional Email addresses

12. Unnecessary/obvious words and labels (eg. ?Phone” and “address”)

13.Contact information for current place of work

14. Your Boss’s name

15. Terms exclusive to your current company

16. Un-related social media links

17. Salary information

18. Outdated fonts

19. Crazy fonts

20. Buzzwords (eg. “team player”)

21. Reasons for leaving previous positions

22. GPA

23. Photos

24. Opinions versus facts

25. short-term or Part-time jobs


Visit the article for a more in-depth explanation of why these things don’t belong and some options on how to avoid them.