Many candidates are familiar with the process of a recruiter reaching out about an opportunity. The phone rings and it may be a recruiter you have worked with before or this might be a new connection. It may even be an InMail message to your LinkedIn page. When a recruiter reaches out, it is likely that they have an opportunity in mind for you. However, usually, they will not tell you the name of the company from the get-go. While this could be frustrating or feel like a waste of time, this is on purpose and it is for a good reason.

Chemical recruiters are going to have many connections in the industry. That is with candidates of all levels as well as hiring managers. When a company decides to work with a recruiter, the details of the role are shared as well as the personality traits of people who are most successful in the company, why someone may want to work in this role or for the company, and what the future of this position could look like. When speaking to candidates, the recruiter is going to make sure that the candidates share similar values and goals to what the position will offer. Waiting to expose the company allows the recruiter to focus on the candidate’s wants and needs in an opportunity. Even if the recruiter does not feel that it is a match, it is never a waste of time to have a quick conversation with a recruiter because there will be roles in the future that could be the right fit.

Companies use recruiters for a plethora of reasons. These reasons could include a role being difficult to fill, needing a specific level of leadership or technical skill, it could be a new role for the company so they are looking for guidance along with help hiring, or it could be a confidential search that they do not want to post on job boards or are not ready to internally release the details. In the case that a role is confidential, a recruiter will do their due diligence to make sure a candidate is a fit and serious about pursuing the opportunity before releasing the company name and details. This is often at the request of the client.

Ultimately, the goal of the recruiter is to find a good match between company and candidate. As recruiters, we spend time speaking with our clients to understand what they do, their company culture, what they need from this role, and the “sizzle” for what attracts people to the company and why they choose to work there. With equal effort, it is important to make sure that the candidate’s expectations, values, and goals line up with the company’s. To do this, in the initial conversations, the focus is on the candidate and learning about their background and interests before mentioning any details about the company or the role. Taking a moment to go through this conversation could lead to an immediate opportunity or to opportunities down the road as the recruiter will have learned about you and will know what to call you back for in the future.

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