Succession planning has become a hot topic. It offers benefits to organizations by identifying key roles, growing employees, and reducing the issue of scrambling to fill vacancies. Creating a plan for these key roles can help push a company’s growth while creating a career path within the organization that employees will appreciate.

Recruit and develop talent

The key to succession planning is to have great talent on your team that will be able to handle moving into key roles within the organization. Make an effort to attract great talent to your organization who could qualify as a key players in the succession plan. Training and development will then be crucial to prepare the employees to move into these jobs when the time comes. Consider what shadowing, training, certifications, cross-training, and other educational opportunities could set these people up for success to help them be effective future leaders.

What this offers companies

Identifying key roles can bring more focus to pushing the organization towards growth and success. This can be attractive when hiring because it shows candidates there is a possible career path and that they will have the ability to grow into a vital role that could play a part in growing the organization. This also means that when a vacancy occurs, such as a retirement, the employee next in line will be ready to take over those responsibilities versus waiting for the time it takes to find the right candidate to fill the role. The employee next in line will also already have a working understanding of the company and processes and will be more likely to have a more immediate impact when stepping into the role.

A defined growth plan is attractive when adding to the team. As animal health recruiters, we can confirm that candidates often want to know what growth opportunities a role can offer for their career path. Success planning offers a compelling story in that case. It prepares the organization to continue its growth even through expected and unexpected vacancies in key roles.

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