Great managers have a certain range of skills in common. Empathy, time management, and clear communication top the list. Yet, there are some underrated skills that will make you the manager people really want to work for. While the animal health industry continues to become more reliant on technology, you still need to focus on developing the soft skills that will keep you competitive. Here are four of the most underrated skills that’ll make you a rockstar boss.

1. Has a Vision

Great leaders have a vision for the future. They unite and inspire their team by sharing their vision with them and making them integral players in achieving that vision. Through their vision, they are able to anticipate problems before they arise, keeping the team on track for their goals. Make sure your vision for your team is clear and comprehensible so that everyone is on the same page. Promote and reinforce your vision to ensure that everyone becomes invested and engaged in the plan.

2. Accountability

Another underrate skill that great leaders have is accountability. Becoming an accountable leader will help to strengthen your overall company culture by empowering individuals and building trust. Being accountable includes taking responsibility as the leader of your team and not placing blame on others when things go awry. It’s also important to have contingency plans in place in case things don’t go as planned.

3. Open to Feedback

If you want to excel as a leader, then you can’t shy away from receiving criticism about your own work. It’s important to remember not to get defensive when listening to your employees. Being open to feedback doesn’t automatically mean that you always have to agree. Rockstar bosses listen to their employees more attentively than others in an effort to better understand their differences. It makes you approachable, and more people will want to work for you in the long run.

4. Gives Regular Feedback

Employees need regular feedback from leadership so they know where they stand and where they can improve. Successful leaders make it a habit to provide constructive criticism, both negative and positive, on a regular basis to ensure ongoing guidance and development. It’s also a great tool for increasing self-awareness among the members of your team.

Successful leaders go on to become bosses that everyone wants to work for. Sharpen the skills that are needed to make you a rockstar boss¬–including having a vision, being accountable, being open to feedback, and providing regular feedback to your team members.


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