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How to Stay Positive Amid Uncertainty

Health experts are quick to point out that a pandemic like the one we are currently facing can be challenging for everyone, and especially taxing for people who suffer from anxiety. It’s difficult to stay grounded and optimistic amid all of the uncertainty. The psychological and financial effects have rippled [...]


Cover Letter Tips: How to Make Yours Stand Out

If you work in specialty chemicals, you may have heard that hiring managers don’t read cover letters. This is often true of large companies who hire many new employees in a short period of time. But if you’re applying for a small or mid-size organization, your cover letter can help [...]


How Companies Are Evolving to Meet the Needs of Working Moms

In the animal health industry, companies are starting to appreciate the unique challenges that come with being a working mom. There are many complicated decisions and demands to face when choosing to have a child as a working woman. Here are some ways companies have evolved to meet the needs [...]