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Magic Mushrooms as an Anti-Anxiety Remedy for Dogs?

Every dog, unless you own a bulletproof unicorn, is anxious about something – thunderstorms, guests, vet visits, maybe their own shadow. Over the last year in particular, canine professionals have reported much higher cases of anxiety in young dogs as a result of their growing up during a time of [...]


Do You Have a Hiring Contingency Plan?

When it comes to hiring, strategizing a succession plan or aligning new hires with growth needs are standard and easy to manage on a longer timeline, but what happens when there is an unexpected resignation? It can leave a gap in company productivity, and critical action items and responsibilities unmanaged: [...]


Animal Health Industry News: FDA Approves New Canine Cancer Treatment

FDA Approves “STELFONATA”, Virbac’s New Canine Cancer Treatment for Mast Cell Tumors   According to the Morris Animal Foundation, more than 12 million pets in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year and it is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 2. The most common [...]

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