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The Resignation: How to Resign with Class and Integrity

There are a variety of legitimate reasons for quitting a job. Whether you are relocating, or looking for career advancement, it’s still important to leave your employer on good terms to ensure a smooth transition between jobs and avoid burning bridges. Always resign with class and integrity to maintain a [...]


Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Attracting Rock Star Talent

In the animal health industry, organizations need rock star talent to stand out. However, conventional ideas about what makes a rock star aren’t necessarily true. We have to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to top talent because what made one a decade ago no longer holds [...]


A Smart Fix for the Open Office Floor Plan

Open office plans seem to be everywhere these days. Yet most employees don’t like them and the design doesn’t improve performance. While designers are still creating open office spaces, more and more companies are starting to see the disadvantages of open floor plans. Here is a look at the evolution [...]


Improve Your Leadership By Incorporating These Important Traits

There are many advantages to being a great leader. People looking for animal science jobs want to work for exceptional leaders. Focus on improving your management skills because organizations with strong leaders succeed at retaining talented employees. You can start by developing some of these important qualities that are shared [...]


Advanced Recycling and Recovery: Another Step Toward Sustainability

Consumer demand and corporate responsibility are driving more sustainability in the marketplace. In addition to composting, traditional recycling, and plastic alternatives, there is another area with room for advancement in the effort toward sustainable product life cycles. Using advanced recycling and recovery technologies, we can turn many hard to recycle, [...]