As the global population continues to grow, the challenge of keeping animals healthy grows with it. Our animal health recruiting practice spans across  biologics, nutrition, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and biomaterial industries.

In the animal health and nutrition market, regardless of species, public scrutiny is consistently present in animal wellbeing and food consumption. This is where our Life Science team comes in and where our servant leadership style can be a resource for successful recruitment in the passive and sometimes elusive professional market.

When our clients succeed, the world benefits.

Our animal  health team’s senior experience and deep knowledge of the life sectors, align perfectly with the Boaz Partners philosophy that retained search yields the best results when conducted by principals who have a personal understanding of the environment in which our clients operate.

Production Animal

Working in the production animal field can be a challenging yet rewarding career path for those who have a passion for animal health and welfare, as well as a commitment to sustainable agriculture. A career in this field can offer opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your work is contributing to the production of safe, healthy, and sustainable food for a growing global population.

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Companion Animal

A career in the companion animal field is a fulfilling and rewarding career for those who have a passion for animal health. In this aspect, our team has experience recruiting in nutritional, diagnostics, biologics, and pharmaceutical spaces. Companion animal health has superseded production animal in their economic impact in the US as more technological advances are being discovered, produced, and distributed to improve our pet’s lives. As a result, this field offers opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and their human companions.

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Biologics and Vaccines

Jobs in this field can range from research and development to manufacturing and quality control. Professionals in this field are responsible for developing and producing vaccines, antibiotics, and other biologics that help prevent and treat a wide range of animal diseases. This work can involve close collaboration with veterinarians, farmers, and other stakeholders in animal agriculture and companion industries to ensure that the health needs of animals are being met in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner. Our team’s technical and industry experience gives us the unique ability to bring in the best people to make a positive impact on animal health and, correspondingly, human health.

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Professionals in this field are responsible for diagnosing and monitoring animal diseases and developing new diagnostic tests and technologies to improve the accuracy and speed of diagnosis. This work can involve close collaboration with veterinarians, researchers, and other stakeholders in the animal health industry to ensure that animals are receiving the best possible care and treatment. Working in animal health diagnostics is a critical and challenging career path for those who are passionate about improving animal health and welfare. Jobs in this field can range from laboratory technicians to pathologists and veterinary specialists and our team of expert researchers and recruiters have found success in finding individuals who make positive impacts in their work and subsequently in the animal health industry overall.

Practice Leader:
Michele Baxley

Michele has over 25 years’ experience in industry and is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges of life science recruiting. Her insider knowledge of how the industry works has allowed her to place technical, sr. and c-suite level talent in all functionals areas such as engineering, operations, R&D, sales and marketing.


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Search Associate:
Debbie Caldwell

Debbie is the lead Animal Health and Life Sciences Recruiter, joining Boaz Partners in 2019. Her background in veterinary medicine provides knowledge and insight into the animal health industry allowing her a deeper understanding of client needs and candidate experiences.


Business Development Lead:
Lindsey Zagarella