The heavy industrial market is full of exciting careers right now. A growing number of companies are using phone interviews to screen out-of-town candidates. Most phone interviews are scheduled in advance, so it’s prudent to have a strategy ready so that you leave the hiring manager with a positive impression. Here are five practical tips for a great phone interview.

  1. Preparation is Key

    Having a phone interview is like taking an open book test. Take advantage of your resources and prepare in advance. Have questions written down, take notes, etc. Hiring managers will probably ask about your strengths and weaknesses so have a list readily available. Review the job description in detail and do some research on the company to make a good impression. Be prepared to answer questions about how soon you can start if hired and whether or not you can travel for the job.

  2. Control Your Environment

    Find a space that is noise and distraction free. It’s important to have a quiet place to talk where the call won’t get interrupted. If you can’t take the call at home without being distracted, then reserve a private study room at your local library or borrow an office space.

  3. Stand Up

    This simple yet effective technique gives you more energy along with better voice projection. All interviewers have to go on in a phone call is your voice, so make sure you are communicating in the best manner possible. It’s normal to be apprehensive during a phone interview but standing up and walking around is the best way to counteract any nervous energy, stretch the diaphragm and speak clearly with more confidence and vibrancy.

  4. Smile

    It may sound counterintuitive but smiling even when nobody else is around to see it helps to set your tone on the phone. Smiling while you speak makes you sound friendlier, warmer, and more enthusiastic when interviewing for a specialty chemicals job.

  5. Listen

    The interviewer should guide the conversation. Avoid interrupting them as much as possible and listen as much as you talk. Concentrate on hearing about what the job entails, don’t listen just to answer questions. Ask open-ended questions carefully and clearly to determine if their corporate values match yours.

The main takeaway is that you should treat phone interviews as seriously as those that are conducted in person. In the event that you’re not receiving the job offers that you want after being interviewed on the phone, try leveraging some of these tips going forward.

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