Time is valuable. We all know that. Time is the one thing in life we cannot get back, and often it seems like we can’t get enough of it. Think of how often people say that they wish they had more time in the day. As specialty chemical recruiters, that is the one thing we can offer and give back to our clients: the gift of time. Typically, bringing in new talent requires hiring managers to go through resumes, applications and conduct a series of interviews. All that takes away time from normal work obligations and duties. If it is a highly technical or higher-level role, double that time. After the pandemic hit, the chemical industry’s output fell about 3.6% in 2020. The upside is that there is a predicted chemical production increase of 3.9% this year. Despite 14,000 chemical industry jobs being laid off in 2020, that means that hiring in 2021 should continue to pick up. Here is how a recruiter can give back time to hiring managers through their talent acquisitions.

Less time sorting and interviewing

Going through a stack of resumes can be daunting and time-draining to find candidates that are qualified. Working with a recruiter minimizes this step. With the ability to screen candidates through LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and phone conversations, recruiters take out the hard work of vetting candidates before clients talk to them. Instead of sorting through hundreds of candidates to find the right one, hiring managers will be presented with three or four highly qualified candidates that they will want to talk to.

Deeper reach into the market

As chemical recruiters, our reach into this niche network is deep. Due to this network reach, we are able to find the right talent quicker. It allows us to have the knowledge of what exactly the hiring managers are looking for in a candidate they would hire. It also broadens the market. Recruiters are able to dive into the passive market. Clients may not have time to reach out to passive candidates. Recruiters can get in touch with the candidates who otherwise may not have applied or been identified for the job.

Higher retention rates

Anytime candidates are hired, drop-offs are a concern. Working with a recruiter can help guarantee that retention rates will be higher. This is due to the thorough vetting process to make sure that not only is this the candidate that the company wants, but that this is the opportunity that will meet the candidate’s needs and expectations. Recruiters also continue with follow-ups and check-ins to make sure that the candidate and client are still happy with their decisions.

Leaving a role vacant can cost time and money. It can take a toll on the employees that are taking on those responsibilities until the role is filled, while at the same time the hiring process can pull the hiring manager away from their own tasks. Though using a recruiter may not seem necessary, it pays off in the end when time and money are saved. Give yourself and your team the gift of time while bringing in talent that could take your team to the next level.

-Written by Wes Washington: Managing Director and Specialty Chemical Recruiter