The craziness of 2020 has made it feel like time has sped up and January 1st will be here before we know it. The pandemic has hit people and business in varying ways. For many, this has been a devastating year with lows while for others new ventures have come to bring them to one of their best years. Either way, we can all likely agree that we would like to have a stronger 2021. As accounting and finance recruiters, we are always able to see the results of our hard work in the following months to come. When the voicemails and many calls turn into connections, partnerships, opportunities and placements. The work put in now will give you better results later, so why not put in the work to have a strong end of the year if it means you will start the next stronger? Here’s how to do that:

Organization and Focus

The key to results is organization and focus. It starts with looking at data to determine where you and your team are for the year and compare it to your annual goal. What is needed to reach the end of year goals? Break it down to smaller and more digestible numbers. Figure out what is needed on a day to day basis at each desk to reach the goal.  With that information, figure out a to do list. Decide what action items need to be finished by the end of this year. Also decide on what items to not need to be worked on so that time and energy can be put towards those that do. Keep your team organized by having the to do lists and goals where everyone can see it. That way the whole team will be on the same page.

Keep Rewards Insight

It can be easy to give up in the last weeks of the year. There are holidays and distractions to pull us away from work. Keeping a reward insight will keep team members motivated. Teams need to stay energized during this time so rewards will give them somethings to work towards and be excited about.


Set yourself up for success when you come back from the holidays. Encourage your team to do some housekeeping. Go through emails and delete things that are not needed and flag those that are important. Put together a game plan for what needs to be done that first week or two back to work to help ease back in effortlessly. Clean and organize your workspace. Write down your annual goals for the upcoming year and break down the data for what needs to be done to accomplish those goals. Keep your goals in a place that the team will have access and see them often. Evaluate KPI’s at end of the year and do a self and team reflection to know how to be even stronger in 2021.

With the curveball 2020 has thrown and the holidays approaching, there are plenty of distractions around us. Rather than allowing those to pull away attention from work, give your team some extra preparation and motivation to end the year on a high note. Stay in the habit of doing these things so that when your team comes back from holiday breaks, they will be ready and excited to take on the new year.

Written by Brooke Hughes– Researcher for Specialty Chemical Recruiters, Finance & Accounting Recruiters and Logistics Recruiters.