If you are on the job market and not taking advantage of LinkedIn, you are missing out on a significant career tool. Even if you are not actively searching for a job, LinkedIn is still a great platform for opening doors of opportunities in your career path. Most tips you will find for increasing the chances of being hired through LinkedIn is to have a fully filled out profile- which is absolutely an effective tip! However, there are other ways to increase your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers and chemical recruiters. Use these tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn page.

Build your network

Connect with people in the industry. If there are companies that you would be interested in joining, follow the company and connect with people who work there, including potential hiring managers. Also, connect with recruiters who work specifically within the industry.

Join industry groups

Industry groups are a great place to find people to connect with. This can also be a source to learn about industry opportunities and a place to take part in relevant discussions.

Be active

As you build your network more and more, stay in front of your audience by consistently posting relevant content. Engage with others’ posts by commenting, liking, and sharing. People will remember those who engage with their posts.


Endorsements are appreciated because it is another person confirming your skills and capabilities. Endorse other people’s skills and they will often return the favor which will strengthen your profile.

Take advantage of the Open to Work options

There are two options for marking yourself as open to work. One is to all LinkedIn members. This will make it so that anyone can see that you are open to work and it will add the “Open to Work” frame to your profile picture. There is also a Recruiters Only open to work option, which will only allow people on LinkedIn Recruiter to see. This option prevents LinkedIn Recruiter users from your current company from seeing that you are open to work if you have yourself listed as currently working in that company in your profile. Fill out the details of what positions you would be interested in, locations preferred, etc. to get the most out of this feature.

Once you have your profile completely filled out, step up your LinkedIn game with these tips. Opportunities are out there, and LinkedIn is a great career tool to help increase your chances of putting yourself in front of those who are hiring.

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