You’ve applied for the job, submitted your resume, and got the call that the Hiring manager wants to speak with you, now what?

Interviewing is not something that people do every day, so it is easy to fall out of practice; but when you find yourself in a situation needed to recall these skills, it can prove to be quite the challenge.

We asked our associates and executives what their BEST advice would be to interviewees who haven’t been on an interview in awhile

  • Avoid discussing compensation early in the interview process, talking about “kids” on the first “date” tends to rule out the possibility of a second date.
  • Close the deal- whether it comes naturally to you in sales or not, ask for feedback, what are the next steps, and if there are any hesitations in your candidacy that you can address.
  • Appearance and simple prep
    • Make sure your resume is in proper format, no grammar errors, multiple copies printed
    • Freshly pressed clothes, shaved, haircut, shoes shined, tie, overdress when in doubt
    • Arrive 5-10 minutes early, no more, no less
  • Have questions prepared/do your homework on the company
  • Listen more than talk- be concise when you talk


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