Congratulations on graduating, you’ve got your degree, Now what? Top tips from the lead recruiters in our office for first time job seekers

  • Know what you want to do. This question might seem easy, but there are variables such as specific job responsibilities, industry, sub-industries, company culture and values. Take some time to discover what is important to you, your “must haves,” for a job and be able to articulate that.
  • Utilize your resources. Many colleges offer a career center and job fairs for graduates to meet with representatives for a variety of industries, as well as resume writing seminars and services.Rifle-Paper-Co-Graduation
  • Network, in-person and on LinkedIn. Talk to anyone and everyone you can. A lot of the candidates we place come through referrals.
  • Choose a company that will invest in you as an employee and provide the training and foundation for your career development. All new employees at Boaz Partners go through a 6-week program to build a base for success in the industry.

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