Attracting quality candidates can be difficult. It is even more difficult if the location is less than desirable for most people. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to attract talented candidates to your location. It is no secret, most chemical plants are usually not placed in busy or exciting places. Often they are placed in rural and quiet towns. As chemical recruiters, this is part of the value we offer to clients. Finding the right talent who will not only live in those locations but enjoy life there to increase the chances of retention in the role. If you are hiring for a role in a difficult location, use these tips for attracting candidates to your area.

Define what you are searching for

Anytime you are hiring for a role, have a clear depiction of must haves versus nice to haves. Must haves are the qualifications that a candidate must have to succeed in the role. Nice to haves are the qualities or skills that would be a bonus if a candidate possessed but would not knock them out of the process if they did not have it. Make sure the hiring team is all on board with these defined must and nice-to-have qualifications. When hiring for a difficult location, consider in what areas of qualifications you may have to be more lenient versus what is most important to have in a candidate.

Promote your company’s sizzle

What do you brag about your company? What is the best part of your company culture? What makes you or other team members stay? Those are what we call sizzle points. These are the things that make the company attractive and what keeps people working there. Often, this looks like growth, stability, internal promotability, and company culture. Think about what peak a candidate’s interest in the company and what would make them want to join the team.

Look for connections to the location

Finding local talent is always the most favorable option, however, it may not be the easiest. Consider what company and competitors are in the area that could be a good target for candidates. When thinking about must and nice to haves, this may be where to consider being lenient. For example, if you are searching for a candidate with 5-7 years of experience, would you consider a candidate with 3 years of experience that could be trained if they were local and did not require relocation? Relocation is an option that will open up the pool of candidates. Often, it helps if a candidate has a tie or connection to the location. This could be candidates who are from the location and have moved elsewhere, these people may be looking to get back home. It could also be a tie to the location through attending a college or university in the area. Put together a relocation package that will aid and encourage candidates to make the move.

Attracting talent to difficult locations can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. With strategy and help from your industry recruiter, your hiring process will have candidates that are willing and interested in making the move. Make it a part of your hiring process to promote the sizzle on your company. Brag on your company culture. Have a list of attractions in the area or places and sites that people in your company personally enjoy in the area. Incorporate these steps into your interview. Difficult locations may require more emphasis on finding the right personality and lifestyle preference that fits with the location and company culture, but the extra due diligence will be worth in the long run.

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