The holidays have come and gone and it’s time to focus on what will be coming at the start of 2021. It’s common to feel a bit blue about returning to work after having some time off, especially after the holidays. Managing Director and Specialty Chemical Recruiter Wes Washington has found that the best way to get energized about going back to work is through preparing and organizing the first week back.

Organization will make a difference

Making organization your first priority when you return to work will be key to getting started on the right foot and feeling less stressed. Start by decluttering your desk or workspace. Go through any papers or items on your desk and decide what to keep and what needs to be stored away. Next step is to go through your inbox. It’s likely that you will have plenty of new emails waiting in your inbox. Prioritize the emails based on what needs to be answered first. Go through and delete any emails in your inbox that are not needed. Try to minimize distractions and notifications that could pull your focus away such as cell phones, social media and notifications on your phone or computer that are not urgent. This will seet yourself up to have an easy and smooth transition back.

Define your priorities

Coming back from the holidays can leave your memory a little hazy about what needs to be done and when. Look at your calendar for meetings and deadlines for the up coming weeks. Make a list and rank your most pressing items and due dates and keep it in a place where you will be able to see it. Focus on these tasks and warrant enough time for each task so that you do not feel the need to try to multitask or stress yourself. Make your goals a priority. Go into the new year with a complete list of things you would like to accomplish and how you are going to make them happen.

Allow yourself some breathing room

Do not beat yourself up the first week back. It can be overwhelming coming back when the new year starts picking back up. Allow and accept the time that it will take to refocus and transition back into work mode. Allow yourself to take occasional breaks when needed. Do things that you will look forward to during the week. That could be lunch with a coworker, getting yourself your favorite hot beverage, catching up with your colleagues, or ordering lunch from your favorite restaurant. Help make the week more enjoyable instead of daunting.

Going back to work you have two options: allow going back to work to be intimidating and overwhelming or to make it a time you can look forward to and be energized about what will come in 2021. Start the year off in a way that has you ready to grow and excel. Who knows, 2021 could be a year full of opportunities; plan and prepare to make the year what you would like it to be.

Written by Wes Washington: Managing Director and Specialty Chemicals Recruiter