Every recruiting process has its similarities and differences. There is one thing in common though: a strong relationship between the hiring manager and recruiter will significantly improve the hiring process. A strong partnership can increase the chances of finding and obtaining quality candidates and shorten the time to hire. Overall, it will make a better experience for the hiring manager, recruiter, and candidates.

Frequent Communication

The root of having a strong recruiter and hiring manager partnership is frequent communication. This should be fluid throughout the entire hiring process. Starting from the beginning, a specific dialog should take place to define the role that is being hired. The more details in this conversation the better. This is when to break down what this new hire will need to do, how they can impact the team or organization, define the must-have qualities versus the nice-to-haves, and discuss what personality will fit best on the team. The communication cannot stop there though. When candidates are submitted, detailed feedback is crucial. Think of recruiting as aiming for a target. The goal is to get as close to the bullseye as possible and candidate feedback will help guide the arrow to that point.

Time and Urgency

Timing is key when it comes to recruiting. Timing can affect every part of the process. It has to be the right time for the candidate to want to make a change. If it is a good candidate, it is likely they will be interviewing at other places. Timing is important to make sure your process is moving quickly enough so that a candidate is not lost due to another company’s hiring process moving quicker. Timing relates back to communication. If feedback is timely, that makes for quicker adjustments in the recruiting process which will help the recruiter to get the target quicker. Urgency goes hand in hand with time. It can be beneficial for the hiring manager and recruiter to discuss the urgency of the role. This can include how soon the hire can be made, the timeline for when interviews can take place, etc.

The relationship between a hiring manager and a recruiter should be a true partnership. Each side should be transparent and take the necessary steps to complete the goal of getting a qualified candidate hired. Creating a partnership can help the process be seamless. The hiring manager can be comfortable knowing the recruiter’s process and the recruiter can be effective due to knowing the company and team on a deeper level. When communication, time, and urgency are matched by both sides, a strong recruiting partnership can be formed which increases the odds of quickly and effectively bringing in talent.

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