A company’s brand can be a powerful tool. But what exactly is branding? A brand is the experience and perception an organization presents. This perception and experience can be through the company’s marketing, services, people interactions, and products. This experience can immediately impact how people feel about organizations and whether they will choose to interact with them or not. This includes the hiring process. A good brand can be a major deciding factor for whether a candidate would like to work for a company or not.

What power can branding add to the hiring process?

Hiring candidates from the talent pool is highly competitive. Especially when searching for a niche skill or quality leadership. Having a strong and positive brand could make people want to work for your company. A good reputation goes a long way. This can also help cut recruiting costs in the long run due to fewer resources having to be dedicated to persuading talent to join the organization. Not to mention, it can cut costs through increased employee retention. A good brand can give the company an advantage. Most desirable candidates are likely interviewing at multiple places or being contacted for other opportunities. A positive brand could be the reason a candidate picks your organization over another one.

How to strengthen a company’s brand

When it comes to branding, a major factor that should come to mind is value proposition. What value does your company offer? What do they get out of it? As an employer, this could be different benefits. Work-life balance, having a great company culture, career development or growth opportunities, good benefits, etc. Then take these value propositions and make them known. A great place to put these is in the career section of the company website and job postings. When going through the hiring process with candidates, remember that it is a reflection of the brand. Every candidate’s experience from applications to interviews to offer acceptance is a part of the experience your organization is offering. Word can travel fast if the experience is not positive. The same goes for current and past employees; their experiences will be expressed to others in the industry. Invest to make sure they have positive experiences to talk about. Of course, when we talk about branding, marketing is going to be an important component. Candidates will be doing research when they apply and interview. Make sure to have an up-to-date company website. Take advantage of LinkedIn as a tool and use it to post and use it as a channel to engage with people. Show your value proposition in these places.

A strong and positive brand can be a powerful hiring tool. It can be an influence on top talent to entice them to join the organization and help make it a place they want to stay.

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