The key to standing out from other interviewees in the Finance and Accounting industry is to preparation. The time put into preparing will be time well spent as it will increase your chances of getting the job offer. Finance recruiter Ashley Key always does interview preps with candidates before they go into interviews to help make sure they make a great first impression that hiring managers will remember.

Dress for Success

First impressions count and often the way you dress and present yourself will be the first thing that interviewers remember. Check that you meet these tips while picking out your outfit:

  • Match the company’s dress code. If you don’t know what it is then it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed.
  • Wear socks that will make sure no leg is exposed while sitting.
  • Make sure if wearing a skirt that it is a comfortable length for sitting.
  • Avoid loud patterns on ties and blouses.
  • Wear appropriate shoes for walking in case of walking for office or plant tours. If you are going to wear heels, make sure they are closed toed and neutral in color.
  • Carry a professional portfolio, brief case or small purse to carry resumes.
  • Do not wear the same suit or outfit to the next round of interviews.

Show that you want to be there

Enthusiasm and showing excitement about a position will go a long way. This finance position caught your eye for a reason, so show it! Not only will it show your personality, it will show that you are passionate for the work which something the interviewer will be looking for in a candidate.

Show your skills off

Don’t be afraid to brag on your skills and experience. Know your strengths going into the interview and be ready to show how those could help the company. Confidence is going to be key and having examples to display your skills will help show that. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is exaggerating on your skills. Be honest with weaknesses or if you don’t know something. If you go into an accounting interview and are asked about your Excel skills, be honest with how comfortable you are with Excel. Interviewers may test you on those skills and those who are honest from the beginning will stand out from those who do not preform as well when tested. Be confident in both your strengths and weaknesses.

The obvious interviewing tips are to research the company before going in, always ask the interviewer questions, and to arrive early. Dressing for success, showing excitement for the position and showing off your skills with examples are going to be the things that make you stand out from other interviewees and help you feel more confident. Accounting and Finance is a competitive job market, so be confident and use these tips to show how your could be a Rock-star addition to the company.


Written by Ashley Key Accounting and Finance Recruiter