The resignation process of a career change is undoubtedly one of the most awkward and difficult steps in the process; cutting ties with your current organization in order to progress. You may not be prepared for how that process will play out, but it is best to prep for all possible circumstances, including getting a counteroffer to stay. In today’s market, counter offers are more and more common, why? Because smart companies make counter offers: it is easier and cheaper to offer you a bump in title and compensation, than the cost of having to re-hire and train your replacement.

Accepting a counteroffer affects your position at your current company. It has shown that you have sought employment elsewhere and your loyalty is now in question.

Last but not least, more money won’t fix the issues that caused you to look outside your current organization for your net opportunity. It is crucial to consider all of the reasons why you want to start looking in the first place, attempt to fix what can be fixed, prior to going through the job seeking and interviewing process. Studies have shown that employees that take counteroffers leave anyway within 6 months.


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