When you get a notification on LinkedIn and see that a specialty chemicals recruiter has sent you an InMail, what do you do? If you are not interested in the position they are reaching out for, you’ll want to think twice before declining their message and here is why:


LinkedIn is all about networking and making connections. The recruiter likely messaged you about an opportunity, however, the InMail is more than that. It is opening the door to connect from that point on. Once you decline an InMail, that recruiter can no longer reach out to you. While that may seem like a good idea if you are not interested right now, but you may need their help later. Further down the road, you may find that you are ready to make the next move in your career or maybe you need help with hiring talent. Declining the InMail will stop the recruiter’s ability to continue to connect and be a resource for you.

How to respond

Unless you truly would not like the recruiter to reach out or network with you again, do not hit the decline option. Instead, accept the message and send a quick message that you are not interested. Or if you do not want to send a message, you can just accept the InMail without sending a message. Doing this will leave the door open to connect in the future. Accepting the message will allow there to be open communication so that if you find yourself needing a specialty chemicals industry partner the option is available.

Creating connections is going to be what takes your career to the next level. You never know what opportunity or talent you might find until the connection is made. Right now may not be the right time for a career change, but the specialty chemicals recruiter on the other end of the InMail may be the person that leads you to your next big career move or even helps you fill that tough role when you are hiring. So don’t decline the InMail and close the door, you never know where that connection could lead you in the future.