Change is something that causes discomfort for almost everyone. Naturally it can cause fear and stress especially when not handled properly. In a constantly changing world, most organizations in the life science industry are finding that there is a need for change in order to meet the new normal. Whether that be implementing people permanently working remote or changing the office layout and adjusting the rules as people come back into the office. As a Boaz researcher for life science recruiters, Abigail Cherry has experienced change through this time while adjusting to working remote. Here are ways to manage change, whether organizational or due to changing times in the world.

  • Make Goals Obtainable
    • Change on its own is intimidating. When goals are broken down into small and tangible milestones, these goals will feel less intimidating and help reduce stress.
  • Set Clear Expectations and Goals
    • Communicate the reasons for making the change and make it clear to how it will help not only the organization but also the individual employees.
    • Let employees be a part of the change. Allowing for them to take ownership will increase enthusiasm to make the change happen.
    • Be clear on the expectations, goals and purpose of the change so that employees can make informed decisions moving forward.
  • Give the Feeling of Control
    • Change can cause people to feel the lose of control which then causes panic and stress. Allow teams and individuals decide how to implement the change in a way that will work best for them and allow them control over their work environment.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication
    • Communication is going to be the key item through any change. This needs to be made a priority through the entire process.
    • Actively listening is a major part of communication. Provide feedback and accept feedback to make adjustments through the process. People want to feel that their voice is heard and valued, so it is important to maintain open communication.
  • Celebrate Successes
    • No matter how small or big they are, successes need to be celebrated. Help people see that they are valuable to the organization and that the work that has been put in is appreciated.

Change is happening all around the life science industry and organizations are having to react accordingly. Breaking these changes down to the individual level will help reduce fear and stress and help employees feel enthusiasm towards implementing it. Embrace the change throughout the organization and create a positive environment and experience for everyone involved.


Written by Abigail Cherry, Animal Health Recruiter