Finding new opportunities can feel like wandering the paths of a corn maze.  While it might take some twists and turns ultimately it will lead to your next big opportunity. Here are tips from our Finance and Account team on finding new opportunities!

Ashley Bosh– Finance and Accounting Recruiter and Construction Recruiter Practice Lead

When seeking a new opportunity, first- find out what and how your passion and best career trajectory align. Also utilize your LinkedIn network along with all social outlets that you take part in by strengthening and building rapport and letting your career aspirations be known. Seek out a network of individuals who are already where you strive to be and study how they reached success.

Sylvia Moreira– Finance and Accounting Recruiter and Logistics Recruiter Practice Lead

When you are looking for your next opportunity, you must network, network, network. Not only with recruiters but with everyone you meet. Have your elevator speech ready; where you mention in two minutes your experience describing your functional background, what positions you are looking for next, and what companies you are targeting. Then ask if they could give you three names of people you could network with who could give you insights into the space you are targeting. Ask for help to get insights when networking, not for a job, and people are more likely to help you when you are asking for specifics with examples. This way you build your network and gain insights that will confirm, or not, your next move. You can also do that on an email campaign sending a note to people in your network. But I bet you knew that. There is this theory of the weak link, you never know who will help you. Usually the people who don’t know you well will give you the best tips and leads.