Pulled from the Archives for Career Development Month

The decision to leave a job can be one of the hardest choices you’ll make in your career. There are several good reasons to leave a position in the specialty chemicals industry. Maybe your current job brings you too much stress. Maybe the job doesn’t align with your ultimate career goals. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to make a move. Here are some ways to know when it’s time to leave a job.

The Company Culture Isn’t Improving

You won’t be happy in your job in specialty chemicals if the company culture isn’t the right fit for you. If you thrive in a supportive, collaborative environment and the company doesn’t provide that, chances are things won’t change. It’s okay to go out and find a company that provides the kind of work environment that will make you enjoy coming to work each day.

Your Professional Development Has Stalled

If you don’t feel like you’re being challenged enough or developing new skills, finding a more challenging opportunity is likely your best option. You won’t make progress on your long-term career goals if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone and test your limits. Sometimes, a company’s leadership will actively encourage and support professional development. If you work for a company that doesn’t, you might consider finding a company with better leadership.

You Stop Feeling Healthy

If a work environment is too stressful, it can start to take a toll on your health. Chronic stress can cause low energy, frequent headaches, stomachaches, body aches, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, and more. You also might be experiencing burnout if you experience some of these symptoms. If you feel like your job is putting your physical or mental health at risk, it’s time to move on and find a job that won’t be as stressful.

You Dread Waking up in the Morning

Being miserable in your job is a good enough reason to want to make a change. If you have trouble falling asleep on Sundays because you can’t bear the thought of starting your work week, or you wake up each morning with an overwhelming sense of dread, you clearly don’t enjoy your job. You deserve a job that excites you and makes you feel passionate.

Deciding to leave a job is never easy, especially if you don’t have another job lined up; no one wants to be unemployed. But if your current job doesn’t make you happy, promote your career development, or starts to negatively affect your health, it may be time to consider making a change.

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