Healthy Habits 2021

Working from home has caused more people to sit still and has removed the need to go outside, make a commute to work, or just get moving in general. Employees can feel cooped up especially if they only have to go to the next room to work for the day. Go into 2021 with healthy habits to make the work day smoother and feeling better throughout the day!

  • Schedule breaks throughout your day to prevent fatigue and help with productivity
    • Pre-schedule time for breaks
    • Take a quick walk
    • Allow time to get up for coffee and to stretch for a moment
  • Less screen time if you don’t HAVE to have it
    • Start putting phone away earlier in the day
    • Try and wait longer in the morning before you take a look at your phone. Instead of right as you wake up, check it after making coffee.
  • Habits I’m planning on doing:
    • Read at least 10 pages of a book a day
    • Write down things I am grateful for at the end of the week It’s harder to remember the good things if something negative happens.
    • Try to spend 45 minutes outside. It can be a walk, sitting and having coffee outside, etc.
  • Make your health a priority

Use 2021 to replace your bad habits with good ones. As these habits replace the older and less helpful ones, continue the process of adding more productive activities or habits to your routine. Understand that it will take time to gain these new better habits and to boot the old ones, so allow yourself that time period and stay focused on your new habits. This will make it easier to feel less of a shock compared to trying to stop bad habits “cold turkey.” Start your year off feeling more energized and healthy by following these steps!

Written by Abigail Cherry: Researcher for Animal Health Recruiters