Working as specialty chemical recruiters, we get a direct look into the hiring trends in the market. These trends are constantly changing and Covid-19 only helped create even more change and turmoil for many. While there were companies taking advantage of the pool of candidates available during the pandemic, others waited until the environment was safer to pick their hiring efforts back up. Now that we are in post pandemic times, the talent pool has become tight as the demands of companies’ talent needs skyrocket. This could be due to the specialty chemical industry seeing a 13.3% increase in volumes just this April on a year over year basis after we had seen previously decreased levels during the pandemic. We are seeing clients use this time to backfill roles, top grade talent and create new roles that will help push their businesses to the next level.

While some trends have remained true, such as Chemical Engineers staying in constant need, other hiring trends have changed, including the functions and levels of talent that companies are searching for. Recently we have had a spike of requests for operational and supply chain leadership. These are roles ranging from Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Production Managers, Director of Operations, Director of Supply Chain, and more. These roles have been consistently requested in talent demands. This is likely due to the areas in the chemical industry that were affected by the pandemic- such as chemicals going into automotive, airlines, rubber/tires, etc.- that are now starting to see an increase in production once again as well as other areas of the industry continuing to grow. Out of 28 chemical segments (including adhesives & sealants, antioxidants, biocides, catalysts, construction chemicals, flavors & fragrances, lubricant additives, paint additives, plastic additives, etc.) there were 27 that saw gains in April (oilfield chemicals being the segment that saw a decrease). With the increase of production and volume brings the need of strong operational leaders to see the areas of manufacturing through and supply chain leaders to manage incoming and outgoing shipments and supplies.

Company leaders are coming to recruiters for help on finding these roles due to how tight the talent pool has become. Passive candidates tend to be main targets which is recruiters can bring network value. Chemical recruiters offer not only a network of talent, but can give insight on hiring trends, compensation levels, hiring mentorship and offer assistance through the interviewing and offer negotiation process. Boaz Partners can aid in being talent curators and retainment specialists to ensure that you find the right operational and supply chain leaders to take your company to the next level.

-Written by Jeff Bennett: Specialty Chemical Recruiter