In the animal health industry, companies are starting to appreciate the unique challenges that come with being a working mom. There are many complicated decisions and demands to face when choosing to have a child as a working woman. Here are some ways companies have evolved to meet the needs of working moms.

Parental Benefits

Most developed countries have a law mandating companies provide parental leave to new parents. Although the United States isn’t one of them, many companies are evolving to meet the very real needs of the workforce. Parental benefits like maternity/paternity leave and childcare help maintain productivity and inclusion. Without parental leave, new mothers often find themselves in a position where they have to quit their job or even leave the workforce entirely for a period of time. This can end up costing businesses because hiring is an expensive process and employers often have to settle for mediocre talent to avoid having an understaffed team. Paid parental leave is becoming the new norm.

Transitioning Back to Full-time

Increasingly, organizations in animal health have begun to understand how difficult it can be for parents to return to work after having a child. New mothers want to spend as much time as possible with their family after giving birth and may experience separation anxiety. Many companies phase new parents back into the fold, allowing them to return to their role in a part-time capacity for a transitional period as they adjust to life as a caregiver. Typically, during phase-back return, the employees receive full-time benefits but part-time pay.

Online Resources

Technology is making it easier for moms to come back to work after childbirth. Video-calling apps like Caribu allow parents to connect with their kids when they’re at work, which not only helps new moms but moms who work late hours or travel for work frequently. Childcare is another major issue, especially since many daycares are at full capacity. Online networks like Wonderschool have made it easier for parents to find childcare. Social networks, such as Peanut, are also helping make life better for working moms. Peanut connects moms with other moms with similar interests, which allows them to build a support system. Many parents feel guilty when they return to work, so it helps if they have other new moms to talk to.

Many organizations in animal health have made efforts to accommodate new mothers. Companies don’t want to lose their best performers when they take time off to start a family. Thus, these organizations have evolved to meet the needs of new mothers, providing them with the support they need to transition back to work after childbirth.


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