It is an age-old question that has been contemplated by many managers. How does a manager motivate and inspire their team to be the best that they can be? In this article, we will be providing you a few tips on how a manager can spark the team.

Be Present and Visible

One of the major aspects of motivating a team is being visible and involved. Those who manage from their offices and out of view can create an invisible fence between themselves and their employees. Having an open-door policy can do wonders with communication and breaking down the barriers that might be perceived.

Be Kind and Empathetic

Everyone is busy, and it can be easy to get caught up in what you are doing but a good leader takes the time to listen to the concerns and thoughts of their employees. Showing a kind and considerate demeanor can go a long way creating a non-hostile work environment that motivates creative thinking and hard work.

Lead by Example

Nobody wants to follow someone who just gives orders and does their own thing. A good manager leads by example and exhibits the traits and actions that they wish to impress on their employees. To act or do differently than what they are told, can turn an active team into a lazy and non-functioning unit. Model the behavior that you want for the team.

Work Hard

Work hard. It is simple, but very powerful. A manager who works hard alongside the team creates an environment where everyone is pulling their weight, and each is there for the other. A manager can motivate and inspire their team by diving in and displaying the work ethic they want from their own team.

That goes with playing hard too. Make sure they see the fun side and participate in the camaraderie that the job affords. These steps can make a team motivated and powerful in a short time.

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