A question lots of recruiters get is, “how can I become more noticeable to recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn?”. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or just looking to be well connected in the professional world, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools in marketing yourself. With that being said, how you market yourself can affect the amount of connections and views by recruiters and hiring managers. Below are some tips from our Associate, Darah Moss on how to be seen.

  1. Don’t leave anything out!

If LinkedIn is prompting you to fill it out, do it! LinkedIn will guide you step by step on filling out your profile, letting you know every step of the way how much stronger your profile is becoming.

  1. Add as many keywords and buzzwords as possible

This is how I find most of the people I place. This can be as simple as adding words associated with your skills and strengths to your job descriptions, education, summary, skills, and tag lines.  For example, If I am looking for someone who has worked with “social media”, I can simply search for “social media” and it will bring up a list of every person with “social media” in their profile.

  1. Add a picture!

Make it professional and fun. You can add a nice professional headshot or you can make it relative to your job or industry. Just make sure it’s appropriate, this is not Facebook.salespeople search

  1. Eliminate a step by adding a resume

You’re going to have to do it eventually so stay ahead of the process.

  1. Contact information is key!

Now that I have found you, how can I reach you? Of course, I can send an InMail but sometimes those are not always seen. Take it a step further by making sure your account is connected to a good personal email or add your email address to your contact information. You can even add a good contact number so that recruiters and hiring managers can reach you directly.

  1. Stay connected in every way possible!

Have as many connections as possible, stay active on linkedin by interacting with posts and articles, and join groups. The more connections you have the more likely you are to pop on a recruiter or hiring manager’s search. Also, make sure you are connected with the right people in your industry. Post often, making yourself more noticeable on your connection’s feed. And then follow and join as many groups that relate to your hobbies and industry. This will lead to more interaction and more leads as to who is hiring and what is going on in the industry. All of these tips lead to more connections.

Maintaining all of these things regularly and keeping everything up to date will start to expand your network and lead to more opportunities.


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