Health experts are quick to point out that a pandemic like the one we are currently facing can be challenging for everyone, and especially taxing for people who suffer from anxiety. It’s difficult to stay grounded and optimistic amid all of the uncertainty. The psychological and financial effects have rippled across the country to nearly every sector including the specialty chemicals industry where there seems to be more questions than answers at this time. So, now might be the best time in your life to change how you deal with the unknown. Here are some tips to stay positive amid uncertainty.

Read Accurate Content

Bad news tends to dominate the headlines on a daily basis. If you want to stay up to date regarding the coronavirus, just make sure that you’re accessing trustworthy content. Whether intentional or not, there is an abundance of misinformation being spread online that’s causing people to panic and hoard essential supplies across the country. For instance, social media can be a great tool for networking but, it can also feed the uncertainty rather than facts. Many of the posts and comments circulating on social media are negative and unreliable at best. Here are some reputable and reliable sources regarding the coronavirus:

Dedicate at least half an hour each day to doing something positive and uplifting. Here are some resources to help establish a positive routine in uncertain times.

  • Read poetry. Reading, or even writing a few lines of poetry on a regular basis is effective reducing stress, removing distractions, and increasing positive thinking.
  • Go for a walk. Exercise is great for building resilience and activating the autonomic nervous system which helps us deal with stress.
  • Watch a comedy. Laughter is cathartic and can help us lighten up when life gets too serious.
  • Get creative. Whether you like to write, paint, knit, cook, or engage in a myriad of other creative endeavors, now is the time to go for it. Getting creative allows us time to take our mind off what is going on in the world and be truly present in the creative process.
  • Work in the garden. Now is a great time to plant some seeds or starts, and see the garden grow around you, offering a sense of peace and calm that life continues.

Anchor Yourself in the Present Moment

It’s more important now than ever to take each day as it comes, and focus on the present, versus the past or future. Our minds are hardwired to contemplate all of the potential outcomes in life no matter how small the odds are of them actually occurring. Even during pandemics like this, the future is still to be determined. If you’re always looking forward to the next events in your life you’ll find yourself wishing your days away filled with activities to make the time pass quicker. It’s important to find simple things that you’re grateful for everyday during times of uncertainty. Take some time to focus on your breathing (especially your exhale) which can help you become fully present in the moment.


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